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🤔 #ActivityPub, #Microformats, #Micropub... These all describe the same set of activities. So where's the service that lets me publish to my own static site via something like Micropub, with built-in interactions (likes, comments, etc) via ActivityPub?
in reply to Gordon Pedersen

I'm wondering about rigging up a static site generator to fetch statuses from Friendica/Mastodon, with some JavaScript on the individual status pages to fetch any replies / conversations.

But it's complicated.

in reply to Gordon Pedersen

I'm liking's approach with a kind of static-page CMS for home and now pages, with a status log built in which posts to Mastodon (shoutout to @Prami ), but it's not the same as a website on my own domain, nor is it the same as having community interaction like on Mastodon, etc.

There is this huge, untapped potential to combine these things. But I lack the expertise and funding to build it myself, which frustrates me.