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🗂️ A new version of #Wavebox has afforded me the incentive to reorganise all my apps/tabs.

In doing so, I realised something: apart from numbering, it's organised like a #JohnnyDecimal system!
I've got Spaces for Areas, Groups for Categories and "Apps" and/or pinned tabs as individual ID points. All other tabs are temporary and will be trashed when I close the browser.

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If you design a system such that you cannot differentiate people from corporations and bots and that’s your defense for calling all of them “users”, you’ve designed a system that conflates people – who are mortal, have feelings, can feel pain and be hurt and who have human rights that must be protected – with the very entities that oftentimes exist to exploit them.

Design for people. Call them people. All else is secondary.

#design #technology #ethics #peopleNotUsers

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This is an oldie, but I still like it

"If someone needs to be told to think and work in a human centered way when they are designing something, it should be a clear indication of how separated the discipline of design has become from what it is the design is being applied to."

😲 I've done some pretty fancy stuff with CSS in the past, but nothing quite on the level of DOOM Scroll:

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Wrote a thing:

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💬 Sometimes I just can't help myself. My site now has a fediverse "login" — you enter fediverse handle and it will look up your avatar and subscribe link via webfinger, saving those to local storage.
Then, it replaces all the links to my friendica instance with links to that same post in your instance (as per the subscribe link).

I just need to figure out how to get the reply/reblog/like counts of my posts in there, too.

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Woohoo! Got the counts in! Thanks to @Hypolite Petovan for pointing me in the right direction WRT Friendica's API

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Get replies/reblogs/favourites count via uri

!Friendica Support
If I have the URI of a post (e.g. and retrieve it via a JSON API call, I get the ActivityPub representation of that post. This does not include the replies/reblogs/favourites count.

If I retrieve the post through the Mastodon-compatible API, using its local id (e.g. I will get the counts, as well as the URI.

But if I'm starting with the URI, how do I get the local id to then call that API?

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@Gordon Pedersen I expect the search endpoint (/api/v2/search) to return the post object including its identifier. Just use the remote post URL as search string. Here's the documentation for it:
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@Hypolite Petovan
That endpoint requires auth, right? Either way, I'll give it a go, thanks 👍
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@Gordon Pedersen By the way, I love your profile picture, I played a ton of Tiny Tower by Nimblebit! 😄
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@Gordon Pedersen Yes, I believe it does, do you mind sharing the context of your work?
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@Hypolite Petovan
I'm experimenting with showing the counts on my personal blog.
If you click the icon on the top right (or any "Interact on the Fediverse" link) then enter your handle, the page should refresh and show counts on posts.
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@Gordon Pedersen Oh, I see, definitely an interesting feature, although as you've found out, there's no reference to the uri-id in the public ActivityPub representation of a post.

@Michael Vogel What are the risks of including the uri-id of a post in the /objects/ output?

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There is no field for that in the protocol. Also it is a value that is different for each system. I would prefer some change in the API instead.
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@Michael Vogel @Gordon Pedersen We're already exposing the non-standard diaspora:guid field.

The alternative seems to start accepting a URL as a parameter for the /api/v1/statuses/ API endpoint, before it's converted to uri-id.

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The guid doesn't change between the systems. Also it is needed for the Diaspora communication. But using the search should should work.
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@Michael Vogel @Gordon Pedersen We do check the authentication token for the search, which requires an account on the remote system you're probing for interaction counts.

🚧 Hooray! I've managed to rig things up so that future posts from post directly to
This is part of a wider effort to both migrate my website to and consolidate my online presence.
There is still a lot of work to do in this regard, but this felt like a solid step in the right direction.

🧑‍🔬 (The previous post was supposed to also be a test of my new workflow for adding posts to my blog, but I messed something up with env variables, so I'm going to use this post to test instead)

💜 I just want to shout out @Adam :prami: for running a great service with even greater support 👍

⚗️ Please ignore this post. I'm just testing something. For SCIENCE!

📧 Okay. Fastmail is cool.
I've been using it for a while now, but I only just realised that the way I have things set up, not only does it not matter what goes before the @, but I can have an unlimited depth of subdomains. As long as it ends with my domain, I'll get the email.

I'm not the kind of person who cares about numbers like likes or follower count. I'm not, nor do I ever aim to be, an "influencer".
But I do kinda wish I had more followers just so I had more people around to help answer whatever random question I have on my mind at any given moment.
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@Johnny ‘Decimal’ Noble
I was kinda referring to

Does anyone know of a good #mobile #keyboard that I can use hand-held? I want to be able to type on something with actual tactile feedback (I hate touch screen keyboards) but doesn't sacrifice portability by having to set the phone down somewhere while I type.
(My brain seems to be on overload right now)

Does anyone know of a good #mobile #keyboard that I can use hand-held? I want to be able to type on something with actual tactile feedback (I hate touch screen keyboards) but doesn't sacrifice portability by having to set the phone down somewhere while I type.
(My brain seems to be on overload right now)
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I think what I really want is something like a game grip (example ), but instead of controller buttons, a full split qwerty keyboard, like the old Nokia 5510
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I found this image in a search, but the link to the website is broken, and I can't find a source. It claims to be a combined keyboard and power bank. And it might be specific to iPhone, whereas I use Android, but this is in the right direction, at least...

How do you get motivated for a big, fairly ambiguous task that you really don't want to do?
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The obvious answer, when I write my question in those words, is to first get clarity. Lack of clarity is a big part of what kills my motivation. Unfortunately, the task is debugging. Getting clarity is the goal of the ambiguous task.

So my question stands. How do you get motivated?

✨ Why, of all things, does #Bluey know how to press my emotional buttons? I don't even know why I'm getting emotional.

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I have never, not once, wanted a browser to open inside an app
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I have never wanted to copy and paste rich text. Not once

An unforeseen benefit of assigning #JohnnyDecimal IDs to everything (and cleanly distinguishing between what I consider "public" and "private" stuff) is that I can refer to private stuff in public without actually mentioning it.

For example, I can complain about how complex [401.12] is and how hard it is to debug, and as long as I don't get into specifics, it's perfectly fine.

Small #JohnnyDecimal update: I feel like I'm using the folder structure in my Obsidian vault as my index. It's a nice foldable tree view, drag-and-drop capable, simple to add, remove and rename stuff...
Maybe I don't need an 00.00 index note / database / whatever...

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B4.12. Johnny Decimal (Part One)

Wow. 1800+ words and I wasn't even trying. Sorry if it's a bit too much. I wonder how this post will appear on Bluesky...

I've taken a leap and have started organising all the things with a Johnny Decimal system.
It's been something I've been mulling over for some time, and with the Johnny Decimal workshop coming soon and an attempt to switch to a new OS, it seems like a perfect time to get organised.

I've read through the Johnny Decimal website a few times over the years, and I've been reading the workbook as well. But as with anything organisational, it's deeply personal and you have to take what works for you and throw away what doesn't. For example, the recommended process for organising with Johnny Decimal is to write a scope statement and brain dump all of your related stuff for a week before moving to the organisation process.
Well, my brain is impatient, and if I were to follow that I'd probably spend an hour writing down a bunch of stuff on the first day, write a few more on the second, and then probably forget about the process altogether until a couple of weeks later, at which point I feel guilty about it and don't want to touch it. It might sound overdramatic, but I'm pretty sure that's what happened when I tried to use Johnny Decimal to organise my Obsidian Vault in the past.
So, screw that, I just jumped into creating Areas and Categories straight away.
I haven't figured out embedding yet, so go follow this link for the clip I made. Spoiler warning: it contains quotes from Bluey and the Barbie movie.

To start with, I created a new Obsidian vault (knowing full well that this time it's going to be much more than just Obsidian). Rather than making an index note or a canvas (which I did start playing with, to be fair), I decided to just start with folders. I created folders for all the projects I've got going on from the top of my head. I created folders for documents and important resources. As I went, I grouped some things together that made sense, not worrying about how deep or broad anything went, yet. I went through my cloud storage folder for things I wasn't remembering and added those folders in.
When I thought I had enough stuff, I put more effort into the grouping. I realised I had a lot of categories and I didn't feel like I had enough room for only 10 areas. But I quickly noticed that a lot of the areas and categories were specifically for software development work, while others were more personal, life management stuff. I considered splitting each of the dev areas out into their own systems, but that seemed like overkill. Instead, I settled on a system for dev stuff, and a system for life, etc.

And so, I had my first base for IDs: W01 for all my work and dev related stuff, and L42 for Life, the Universe and Everything (geddit?).
The way I'd split up my areas, W01 was still looking a bit tight for areas, but workable. But I noticed something else. Quite a lot of the areas were for developments and projects that were out there in the open for everyone to see, while there were a few areas that were related to actual employed work that was not out in the open. So I had an idea: What if I split the work system into two: One for public and one for private? I could potentially publish notes in an Obsidian vault with the public stuff (Working with the garage door open), while not risking publishing private stuff, because it's entirely separate.
Rather than boring old W01 and W02, I couldn't help but think of HTTP Code 401 — meaning "Unauthorised" — because people would need to be authorised to see stuff in that system. Also, because of the nature of my public work, it made sense to label the public one 201 — meaning "Created".
I know that Jonny says that systems work best as letter-number-number, but the whole point is to keep things memorable, and I have a mnemonic for this, so I'm just rolling with it.

Now with my System IDs in place, I was ready to roll out the next levels of ids, to fit with the Johnny Decimal SYS.AC.ID format
When creating numbers for my areas, I stuck to Johnny's template of using 00-09 for stuff to do with the system. I also found a couple of categories I couldn't seem to fit into a particular area, so I created 90-99 Miscellany as an area to catch all that stuff. For example, L42.91 is a place to archive some old journal stuff; 201.91 is for a LEGO keyboard side-project which doesn't really fit into any of my other areas or categories.
Following on from that idea of using 9 for miscellany, I set up 201.99 as a place to hold random ideas about things to work on in the future.

Also, I decided to follow the A0 categories (10, 20, etc) as being reserved for system information about the area (not that I'm really using it yet). But I also took this one step further and reserved the AC.0x IDs for special standards within a particular category. I plan to use AC.01 for notes about a particular category. Especially if I'm eventually planning to publish stuff under this format, it makes sense to have at least a note explaining the context of a category. Using my LEGO Keyboard example, 201.91.01 would be the ID for a note explaining the general idea and reasoning around the project.
Similarly, I'm using L42.00.01 to store a note about the system, documenting non-Johnny standards like this. while keeping 00.00 free as the index.
I'm also planning on using AC.10 as a category inbox, for stuff that I still have to sort and/or assign an ID to. This means all my IDs start at 11, which is a little odd, but it just means every digit in the id starts with 1 and goes up from there when giving a thing an ID. if there's a zero in it, it's some sort of meta thing, or information about the thing. (I mean, that's not strictly true because 20, 30, etc exist, but it works in my head, okay?)

As I went along like this, I also noticed that in a few of the areas, I had created a folder for general resources and/or documentation that would assist me in that area. For example, in 201.20-29 Game Dev I had a category for documentation of the game engines I was using.
Even in my life system, I had a couple of categories for things like the ringtones I keep around to use on my phone. And so, just as 9 was my standard number for miscellany, so to 8 has become my number for resources and documentation.
That game engine documentation is all going to go in 201.28. Plus I also have an entire area (201.80-89) for resources and docs on various technologies, tools and development resources (all the music, SFX and resource packs I've purchased from Humble over the years are going to live in 201.88). My ringtones are in L42.87.
I'm also planning on using AC.08 as a sort of container for "category bookmarks". Links to a GitHub repository, or a ClickUp task list, that kind of thing.

So we have some standards going! 0 means meta, 9 means misc and 8 means some sort of resource. It won't always work that way, but it's enough to be able to look at the system as a whole (i.e. all three systems) and see consistency and patterns. And that's what we want, right?
If I want the DragonRuby documentation, it's a resource, so will have an 8 in it, and it's to do with my game dev work, which is public, so it's probably in 201.28 somewhere. There's probably even a direct link in my bookmarks in 201.28.08. If it's not, for whatever reason, there are at most two or three other locations it could be (somewhere in the 201.80s, perhaps?) and even if it is, I should probably also duplicate it where I looked first.

The only thing I was having trouble categorising so far was my blog posts. Looking at the Johnny Decimal website for inspiration, it seems the blog posts are identified with an example of: D01.22.00.0031 (if I include the system identifier, which isn't done on the website). It's a lot. It kinda has to be, really. Theoretically 22.00 is an index, but it hasn't been built yet, and all the posts are identified by four-digit numbers under that.
So for me, 201 is my public dev, 10-19 is general stuff, 14 is my website. So, like or even It just feels like a lot. Plus, I kind of have another level in there because I've had a couple of different blogs over the years, and I feel like consolidating them. But keeping them as sequential doesn't make sense to me, as each blog had its own context.
So, I'm gonna cheat. I'm making a new area just for my blog: 201.B0-B9. Yep, I'm putting letters in the categories; time to call the men in the white coats to come and take me away.
But seriously, the reason I'm doing this is because the letter makes it unique, and while it will live in my 201 system, none of the resulting IDs need to reference that to be unique. B1 is the category for my oldest blog (at least the oldest one I can find), with B1.01 being the content of the "About" page for that old blog, providing the context for the rest of the posts in that category. Right now, this post is B4.12, which is much better than (though I am considering using the 4 digits like JD does, so B4.0012).
It's going to be so great when I fix it all up on my website and can link directly to — but that's still way off in the future.

For now, most of my folders are empty and still need to be populated with stuff. I also need to build an index that I can easily update and add IDs to. And I need to start using the IDs in other contexts; like e-mail, ClickUp, code repositories, etc. Plus, you know, there is actual work to be done, aside from organising all my work.
Just replace the word "children" with "work" in this clip.

But I'm going to try moving my stuff over as I go, tagging things with JD.IDs as I need them.
I'm trying to embrace "Working with the garage door open", at least in part so I stick with it.
I'll try to keep updated.

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🤦 Friendica split this into a thread of 34 posts. I'm sorry Bluesky peeps. I should probably just put blog posts on my website in future and post a link via Friendica.
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Content warning: B4.12. Johnny Decimal (Part One)

@Johnny ‘Decimal’ Noble
I just thought I'd let you know, based on our Mac and Windows discussions (and various other factors). I've decided to try and "all-in" myself on Mac again. I've downloaded Raycast to try out and set up my Floorp browser with Sideberry (but still considering going back to Arc).
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@Johnny ‘Decimal’ Noble
I'm also setting up a johnny decimal system (or three). I've been toying with the idea and concepts for a long time, but an OS switch seems like a good opportunity to really jump in the deep end.
I'm really looking forward to the upcoming workshop.
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Oh man! Big moves. Wow.

I know the Mac vs. Windows thing is a bit of a trope and can get absurd so, for real, if there’s ever anything I can help with, hit me up. Big or small, whatever.

And yeah, new system, clean out, start again. It’s one of the reasons I don’t restore from backup when I get a new computer or iOS device. I love that clean start. It forces you to evaluate stuff.

in reply to Johnny ‘Decimal’ Noble

(Documents obviously come across. I mean I don’t restore apps, settings, state. Clean all that out. Go default, see how it feels.)
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@Johnny ‘Decimal’ Noble
Thanks for the support.

Honestly, it's not that big of a move. My Windows machine is still on the same desk and accessible on another monitor via [Synergy](} 😅

in reply to Gordon Pedersen

Oh you didn’t mention you were still going to use Windows sometimes.


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Every hashtag on every post on every platform should ALWAYS be pascal case (a.k.a. camel case). I made this to illustrate how screenreaders read hashtags depending on whether they are lowercase or pascal case.

It’s a small thing that all of us can do to build a more inclusive, accessible internet for all. Please take the time to use pascal case.

Read more:

#Accessibility #WebAccessibility #Usability #Readability #Hashtags #SocialNetworking #Blogging #UX

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This is completely lovely: a responsive, noir-inspired personal homepage in the form of a comic. I'm inspired. #Indieweb

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Hey everyone, I want to wish you all a happy eastern. Mastodon is full of copypasted holiday messages, that people don't even read. I don't like that. I like to write what i deeply wish and what comes from my heart. Our friendships, from the most deep ones to the most virtual ones are very important and will never be represented by a simple message copied from elsewhere. This being said I would like to thank all of you. You are the best basketball team i've ever played with.

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Oh very clever, #Tasmania, well done!
#australia #ai

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This is still very raw and not looking great or anything, but I'm experimenting with using the #mastodon API built into #friendica to get my #ActivityPub posts and show them on my static #eleventy website.

Because it's static, this post won't appear on it, but it should next time I rebuild.
Eventually, I want to be able to log in and reply, see my feeds, and post directly from my website. Friendica is probably overkill as a back-end, but it's what I have right now.

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For possible hep or to share feedback, see also this #SocialHub thread:

I'm looking into ( @microblogpub ) again. It just seems so close to where I want to end up. I want my website to also be my front-end to the #fediverse. basically is that, but there's no real way to add static pages just yet.

I've been playing around with customizing templates and CSS to get the site looking similar to my current home page, and it's working well so far.

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On the other hand, I'm liking the capabilities of #friendica and I'm wondering if I can just build a front-end along the same lines as #microblogpub, but using friendica APIs as a back end 🤔

I might also look into Friendica themes and build a custom website out of that?

I don't know. Too many options.

Does anyone remember forum #userbars ?
They were little 300px x 19px images you would stack in your forum profile signature. Sort of avatar-adjacent.
I just dug up a bunch I created years ago, and it's brought back some fond memories...

I found the oldest blog I can remember writing in.
On its about page, it says this:

I’ve tried making blogs before, but as with most things I’ve done I made a few posts and then was done with them.

There are older ones? Where have they gone?

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Ooh, I found an older one! It says this:

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on a blog. So I decided to make a new one. The others all have too much crap I don’t really want to read again.


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I also went searching through really old Facebook for clues. It looks like a lot of content has gone missing over the years. I'm seeing half-conversations without context and it's weird.

I tried to write a post/article today about a CSS-only theme toggle I made for my website. But rather than draft it in Obsidian like usual, I wrote it directly in Friendica. Then I tried to attach an image and the whole tab locked up and I lost the lot.
Very disheartening.
Then I wondered why I'm posting "articles" here when I have my own website. So now I'm finding my old attempts at blogs and newsletters and translating them to Markdown so I can host them all on my website...

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A realisation about saving things ‘for later’.

In this case it’s bookmarks related to web design. Specifically, CSS styles for printing things. I found this wonderful thing.

So let’s say I just add that as a bookmark. Which I did.

Now what?

At what point does future me think, oh, that lovely thing about printing and CSS, that’s right, I saved that bookmark. I’ll go and look at that now.


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A bookmark is a "I acknowledge this thing may be important and relevent later; but not now".

The problem is that browser UI is still the same dog-shit basic thing from two decades ago.

When I "bookmark" a thing, dear browser; index that page, add meta data, and let me tag and full-text search my bookmarks! Be a custom search engine for topics I marked as "this'll be useful... later!".

in reply to Johnny ‘Decimal’ Noble

I do agree in general. I’m also guilty of just bookmarking too much stuff for an undefined “later.” It takes effort to actually build a knowledge base. But I also do believe that it’s also a problem that bookmark search is so bad in most systems. Browsers are not great, but bookmarks on Twitter and Mastodon are a useless stash without any chance of ever finding anything again. I’m currently experimenting with a better search tool for Mastodon bookmarks and hope it unearths sth.

I just discovered that #friendica has a #bluesky connector, and now I've got a combined feed of posts from #atproto and #ActivityPub people. And I can post to both from one interface.

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I should also mention I can add RSS feeds to to my... feeds. I can't really reply or repost/boost them, but I can quote share, which is cool.
in reply to Gordon Pedersen

Of course, my home feed is an absolute mess right now, but I've got a few Circles (lists) set up for specific groups of people which is great!

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!Friendica Support Is there any way to change post permissions / visibility when composing a comment? Some sort of addon I can enable?
Sometimes, I want to be able to reply to a post, but also make my reply public instead of the default unlisted.
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@Hypolite Petovan @Michael Vogel If it's possible, then I don't really understand what's the reasoning to force user to work it around

I can imagine few use cases and my Mastodon friends are also using this feature. Is it already decided thing or there is a chance to see the feature included in web frontend as well someday?

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I would be happy, if someone picked it up, who can do frontend stuff.

Because my OBTF was so ramble-y, I'm going to accept that and even lean into it on my index cards. Then, I'm going to really try and implement a daily review routine, where I skim my index cards at the end of the day, pull out, digitise and re-word any important notes and write myself a special tomorrow index which lists what I need to be doing tomorrow.
I don't know how well it's going to work, or how well I will stick to it, but I have the stack of cards now, so here I go.

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My new idea for journaling and note taking is old news to most: Index cards!
I bought myself a stack of double-sided, lined index cards from Officeworks, and I plan to try and take small breaks throughout my day and just write what's going on in my head.
In the past, I've been somewhat resistant to pen-and-paper journaling, because I have difficulty trusting that as a storage medium, and digitising is a pain.
But this time I plan to try a different approach.

Small update on my #obtf experiment:
It didn't really go so well. I did use it a little bit, but it was less "bullet journal" and more "rambling mess".
Turns out, when I write, I like to keep writing.
But, a new approach came to mind, this time without even reading something online. And I kind of feel like if that's what my brain wants to do, then I should probably give it a red hot go...

I stumbled across a new app for emotion logging/journalling called "Mojito". You choose from a pre-defined list of emotions, shake them up (literally) and it assigns you a cocktail. Apparently mine today is "Frozen " because I'm in a bit of a slump?
in reply to Gordon Pedersen

I'm not really a cocktail kind of guy, and the fact that certain emotions are behind a paywall has put me off-side. It's got me tossing around ideas though. It certainly beats the general 1-5 rating of everything else.

It's got me exploring things like Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions and trying to think of a different theme to do a similar thing.

🧐 So, I like what I see so far of #atproto
But I'm not sure if I like #bluesky itself
Does that make sense?

... I might still have to wait a few years(!) before it's really ready...

in reply to Gordon Pedersen

BTW: I have a #bluesky account now, because I was so curious

Dunno if I'm going to use it much. I couldn't even figure out how to register with my own did:web, which was disheartening for me.

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